One of the miracles documented by Matar at the end of December, when he spoke to CNA, was that of a 45-year-old Italian woman. Suffering from a neurological disease, she was hospitalized after it was discovered she had tried to commit suicide by consuming acid.




In the hospital, the doctors discovered that the damage to her esophagus and intestines was so extensive, “the last way possible to cure her was believing in God and praying,” Matar commented.




The woman’s parents began to pray, inviting others to pray with them. A religious sister of the Maronite rite heard about the prayer request and gave them holy oil from St. Charbel. After they spread the oil on the suffering woman’s stomach, chest, and head, she was cured.




This was just one of seven miracles archived in December, Matar said, calling


each one “a phenomenon.”




“St. Charbel is a tool to reach God,” he said.




The Shrine of St. Charbel is composed of the Monastery of St. Maron, where the saint lived for 19 years with great devotion to prayer, manual labor, and contemplative silence; and the nearby hermitage where he lived a rigorous asceticism and profound union with God for the last 23 years of his life.




At the monastery, pilgrims can visit a church built in 1840, a small museum with artifacts and relics from the saint, and the site of his first grave. St. Charbel’s tomb, since 1952, is located inside a special cave-like chapel built into the property.




Even while he was alive, Charbel’s superiors observed God’s “supernatural power” at work in his life, and even some Muslims knew him as a wonder-worker.




Deeply devoted to God’s Eucharistic presence, he suffered a stroke while celebrating the Divine Liturgy of the Maronite Catholic Church on December 16, 1898, dying on Christmas Eve of that year. He was canonized in 1977 by St. Pope Paul VI.


Taken from Catholic News Agency 2019


Two martyrs are mentioned in connection with Listowel. Thaddeus Clancy of  Co. Limerick was arrested, speared and beheaded on September 15 1584, on refusing to renounce his religion. His head was taken to Listowel and exposed to the mockery of the heretics.


In 1691 Fr. Gerald Fitzgibbon, OP,  superior of Kilmallock was captured by Williamite forces near Listowel and summarily executed.


Source: The late Fr. Kieran O'Shea.


Video: Did USA Founding Fathers Plagiarize Thomas Aquinas? with Timothy Gordon


By Dr. Taylor Marshall




Were the Founding Father plagiarizing Thomas Aquinas?




Timothy Gordan, author of Catholic Republic: Why America Will Perish Without Rome, sits down with Dr Taylor Marshall to discuss Natural Law, Catholicism in Founding Fathers, Federalist Papers, and Right of Revolt in Thomas Aquinas.




Listen to the podcast below or (better) watch the Youtube video version:






Dr Marshall




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Native of Listowel; Catholic Press 22 Aug 1929


Dean Kennelly,' who was parish- priest of Colac for 13 years, has proved himself a great organiser. The parish was in. a backward state when he went there, but he at - once set about building a hall and a new school .Then he added a wing to St. Joseph's College, purchased land for a church at Becac, and remodelled the old church for a school. As Colac had no sports -ground, he offered £100 towards making an oval, but as he obtained no outside support, he secured a fine piece of 'land and erected a sports ground, which is widely used. Other ventures were tennis courts, grounds for hockey and basketball, the renovating and re-furnishing of St. Mary's Church; All of these works have run into an -outlay of considerably more than £20,000, and, as the. Dean said in the church during Mass on a recent Sunday morning, everything is free of debt in Colac, there is a credit balance at Pirron Yalloak, and but little debt left on the £6000 Beeac ' church. It is also understood a nice little nest-egg is in the; 'bank for a big -church at Colac. Out of a carnival he raised £2000 for the local football association. His public spirit was recognised by the whole community when he recently returned from a trip to the old land.


Abbeyfeale Priests and Sisters, Taken from J. M. Feheney, Good Seed Fertile Soil.


Brothers; James Mathew Barrett, 1881-1952; Pat Luke Barrett 1898-1919; Tim Justin Cahill 1872- 1942 and his brother Pat Hilarian Cahill 1897- 1958; Dan Christopher Colbert 1885-1956; William Andrew Colbert, 1871-1950; Richard Collins 1863- 1931; Tom Edward Collins; Francis Clement McCarthy 1930- 2016; Thomas Baptist Moloney 1842- 1910; Michael Hilarian Murphy 1908- 1970; John Luke O’Connor, 1875-1913; Daniel Eligius Roche 1901- 1966;




Priests; John Browne1916-1990; Con Collins 1927- 2013; Dan Collins 1912-1999; Michael Collins 1918- 2010; Pat Collins 1902-1976; Tim Cotter (Bishop) 1916- 1988; James Cotter 1889- 1954; Michael Lawrence Curtin 1925- 1992; Con Daly 1904-1953; Dan Daly 1909-2005; John Joseph Danaher 1927- 2008; Seam Danaher 1917- 1985; Stephen Danaher 1839 1918 (Athea); Jer Downey 1913- 1997; John Enright 1886- 1966; Michael Enright 1871- 1931; Pat Enright 1867- 1917; Pat Firzgerald (Glin) 1905- 1957; Garrett Galvin 1900- 1987; Maurice Galvin 1904- 1984; Michael Galvin 1888- 1974; Tim Galvin 1897- 1975; Con Greaney 1903- 1947; Tom Greaney 1916- 1988; Dan Hackett 1903- 1992; Dan P Harnett 1906 1987; Fr. Dan Harnett 1910 -1983; John Harnett 1873-1946; Pat Harnett 1914 1994; Peter S Harnett 1914- 1985; Richard Harnett 1879- 1959; Richard Harnett 1920- 1984; John Healy 1916- 1975; Tom Lane,1902- 1997; William Lane 1926- 2013; Michael Langford 1896- 1936; Pat Leahy 1914- 2009; Tim Leahy 1929- 2008; John Leen 1881- 1902; James Leen (Bishop) 1888 1949; Dan Leen 1882- 1941; Edward Leen 1885- 1944; Dermot McCarthy 1919- 1993; John McCarthy 1939- 1883;Dan McEnery 1898 1998; Denis McEnery 1912- 1998; Pat McEnery 1901- 1987; Tom McEnery 1903- 1983; John Moloney 1875- 1957; Michael Moloney 1913-1984; Humphry Moynihan 1892- 1967; John Mullane (Athea) 1897- 1982; Dan Murphy 1899- 1990; Michael Murphy 1906- 1967; Sean Murphy1922- 1998; Tim J Murphy 1911- 1992; John O’Callaghan 1896-1963; Tom O’Callaghan 1898 – 1963; Con O’Connell 1910-1995; Denis O’Connell 1925- 2012; James O’Connell 1908- 1947; Michael O’Connell, 1911- 1994; John O’Connor 1835-1919;  John C O’Connor 1916- 1976; Morgan O’Connor,  died 1977; John J O’Donnell, 1901-1937; William O’Donnell 1896-1977; James O’Donoghue 1921-1999; Tom O’Donoghue, 1901-1981; William O’Neill 1915- 1999; Tom O’Rourke, 1906-1985; Vincent O’Rourke 1906- 1934; Dan O’Sullivan 1889-1921; John O’Sullivan 1906-1950; Christopher J Roche1903-1998; Jerry Roche Athea 1941- 2009; Tom Roche 1905- 1986; Con Woulfe 1919-2006; Maurice Woulfe 1912- 1989; Michael Woulfe 1922- 1995; Richard Woulfe 1919 2003;








Abbeyfeale Sisters


Sr. Mary Begley 1912-2007; Sr. Catherine P Broderick 1854-1931;Sr. Catherine Teresa Broderick 1870-1919; Sr. Elizabeth Joseph Broderick; Sr. Margaret Benignus Broderick 1857; Sr. Mary Cecilia Broderick 1855- 1935; Sr. Mary Ita Broderick 1920 -1976; Augstins Cahill 1875 1962; Bridget Angela Connolly 1870- 1933;Catherine Benedicta Cotter 1933-2012; Eileen Martina Cotter 1897- 1994; Helen Augustine Cotter 1918- 1995; Margaret Denise Cotter 1895-1994; Teresa Josephine Cotter 1914- 2011; Elizabeth Antoninus Culhane 1889- 1910; Ellen Canice Culhane 1896- 1995; Margaret Canice Culhane (Glin); Margaret Concepta Culhane1892-1988; Mary Ursula Culhane 1882-1956; Anne de Pazzi Curtin 1850- 1937; Catherine Joseph Curtin 1867-1954;Elizabeth Curtin 1899- 1922; Ellen Gonzaga Curtin 1857 1929; Hanora Augustine Curtin 1855- 1929; Joan Brendan Curtin 1864- 1911;Kathleen peter Curtin 1892-1982; Sheila Borgia Curtin 1923- 2012. Mary Fidelma Danaher (Athea) 1918- 2007; Bridget Gregory Dillon 1917- 2002; Ellen Immaculata Doody; Mary St Vincent Doody 1922- 2010; Una Elfrida Downey 1918- 2005; Kathleen Dunne 1899-1970; Teresa Peter Enright died 1998; Alice Dorothy Fitzgerald (Loughill) 1872-1945; Hannah Anna Fitzgerald 1914- 2000 (Athea); Margaret Ethna Fitzgerald 1915- 2014 (Athea); Mary Anabilis Fitzgerald 1906- 1984; Bridget Magdalene Flynn 1920- 2008; Bridget Nicholas Greany 1907-1976;Bridget Kieran Harnett 1978; Catherine Joseph Harnett 1888- 1914; Catherine Magdalen Harnett 1922- 2014; Ellen Lorenza Harnett 1922- 1994; Madge Celsus Harnett 1876- 1942;Mary Annunciata Harnett 1931- 2015; Mary Gerard Harnett 1919- 2002; Nora Veronica Harnett 1875- 1956; Mary Agnes Magdalene Harnett 1872- 1941; Bridget Anthony Leahy, 1880- 1957; Catherine Seraphina Leahy 1882- 1964;Ellen Leahy 1914- 1993; Hannah Paschal Leahy 1911-208; Ita Leahy 2015; Johanna Bonaventure Leahy 1916- 2006 (Athea); Mary Josephine Leahy 1909-2009; Mary Stanislaus McCarthy, 1900-1980; Teresa Margaret McCarthy, 1911- 2009; Enda McElligott  1898- 1953; Margaret Fintan McEnery 1916- 2003; Mary Rosary McEnery 1906- 1984; Bridget Consilio Moloney 1916 -1987; Margaret Moloney 1886-1960; Catherine Anthony Mulvihill (Athea) 1915- 2005; Bridget Berchmans Murphy 1916- 2015; Margaret Juliana Murphy 1916- 2009; Anna Maria Vianney O’Connor died 1996; Ann Patricia O’Connor 1911- 2011; Bridget Mary Biga O’Connor, 1901- 1979; Hannah Vianne O’Connor 1939- 1970; Carmel O’Donnell 1903-1981; Katie Barbara O’Donoghue 1884-1957; Eileen Benedict O’Riordan 1914-1993; Nora Carmel Sheehy 1910-1970; Elizabeth Baptista Ward 1895- 1980; Hanora Ida Woulfe 1915- 2015; Johanna Agatha Woulfe 1914- 1997;


a ‘Jumper’ is someone who changed from R.C. to Protestant- usually as a result of hunger and proselytising. He or she ‘jumped ship!’ Or took the soup and became known as a ‘Souper.’




Dingle was noted as a Colony of Soupers/Jumpers.




Brosna also had a colony (though some were ‘economically’ inspired and did it for gain. Others did it to stay alive, which was o.k. in 1847 or thereabouts. Many went back to their old faith when their bellies were full again.




Fealebridge on the Kerry-Limerick border (near the creamery on the old main road) had its small colony. There was a proselytising Minister, the Revd. ‘Ned’ Norman there, and he had a church in the middle of no-where. (It is reduced to rubble now- with some fine cut limestone).


Glin Parish Newsletter. Posted on 22/01/2016    by glinnews

Synod Sports Conference: Limerick is a city and county in love with and passionately interested in Sport.  One of our themes for the Synod is ‘Building Community’ and sporting organisations have much to teach us in this regard.  This one-day conference will be a mix of keynote speakers and workshops.


Keynote Address One: ‘Building Community – Lessons from the World of Sport’.  Michael “Mickey” Harte is the current and most successful Gaelic Football manager of the Tyrone senior inter-county team.  He has led Tyrone to three All-Ireland titles, four Ulster titles, one National League, and eight Dr. McKenna Cups to date.  Harte has been very forthcoming with his Christian views.


Keynote Address Two: ‘The Fellowship of Sport’. Gerard Hartmann is a native of Limerick City, who over the past twenty two years, has developed a reputation for treating many of the world’s elite sport stars.  Gerard has treated 61 Olympic medal winners, 47 World Champions including World Record holder.  He has worked with a record seven winners of the London Marathon including world record holders Paula Radcliffe and Khalid Khannouchi.  In this input Ger will elaborate on the concept that sport connects people and communities giving identity, purpose and unity.


Venue: Mary Immaculate College. Date: Wednesday 24th February. Time: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.


Synod Culture Event:


This evening of culture will incorporate elements of poetry, music, Gaeilge and local history marking the tercentenary of the birth of Tadhg Gaelach Ó Suilleabháin.


The poet Tadhg “Gaelach” O’Suilleabháin was born in Tournafulla in 1715. Most of his well-known poems were of a religious nature and he wrote these poems while he was living in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. Tadhg also lived in East Cork for a while. From about 1760 on, his life changed and he became a pilgrim and it was at this time that Tadhg began to write his religious poems. He died in Waterford Cathedral in 1795 and after his death, the first edition of his poetry was published in Limerick. The evening will be hosted by Neilus de Róiste.

The key note address will be given by Salvador Ryan with poetry readings by Canon Micheál Liston and music by a variety of local musicians.

Iomainn á chanadh Gile mo Chroí do- chroí-se


Mo Ghrá-sa mo Dhia


Dr. Salvador Ryan is Professor of Ecclesiastical History in St Patrick’s College, Maynooth since 2008. Alongside Bishop Brendan Leahy he has co-edited two volumes of Treasures of Irish Christianity.


Date: Friday 29 January. Venue: Devon Inn Hotel Time: 7.30p.m.


DEATH: Monsignor Edmond Whyte, of Rathea was instrumental in building up several Catholic churches across South Florida, died after a 10-year battle with cancer, served in the Archdiocese of Miami. Msgr. Edmond Whyte: Born Jan. 29, 1938; ordained June 6, 1964; died Jan. 23, 2016.

DEATH took place recently of Fr. James Noonan, a Kiltegan priest from Loughill. Fr James was ordained in 1962, and worked in Nigeria and Ireland. 

Death has taken place of Fr. Kevin Gaffey California / Carhoona,Tarbert.

Fr. Kevin passed away peacefully, January 12th, 2016 at Nazareth House in San Rafael. Fr. Kevin was born in San Francisco on November 26, 1931 to the late S.F. Police Chief Michael A. and Mary Cashel (Whelan) Gaffey. Fr. Kevin was a graduate of St. Paul's Grammar School, St. Joseph's College, and St. Patrick's Seminary, Menlo Park. He was ordained to the priesthood June 15, 1957.

He is the treasured brother of Mary G. Hutchings (the late Dr. John J.,) of Millbrae, Brendan J. Gaffey of San Francisco, William W. Gaffey of Sutter Creek and the late Michael J. Gaffey and Dennis D. (Barbara) Gaffey.

He is survived by nephews and nieces, Michael Gaffey (Pauline), Patrick Gaffey (Anne), Mary Frances Quinn (Robert), Daniel Gaffey (Karen), John J. Hutchings (Helen), Mary Tuli (Bill), James Hutchings (Penny), Roseann Perez (Rene), Mark Hutchings (Linda), and by twenty-four grandnephews and nieces.

In his 59 years as a priest in the Archdiocese of San Francisco,


PLANS FOR NEW RECONCILIATION WINDOW IN ST JOHN’S, Tralee. St. John’s Parish Pastoral Council are planning a new Stained Glass Window in the church on the theme of Reconciliation and are seeking the support of parishioners and friends of Tralee at home and abroad. The window is being commissioned to coincide with the Tralee 800 celebrations in 2016. The artist is Tom Denny, of Tralee Denny family and a famous stained glass artist, who is giving his services as a contribution to the project.  The central themes are Reconciliation, Healing and Renewal.  It will be the first stained glass window to be installed in St. Johns in over 60 years.  A fundraising drive seeking to raise €20,000 is being launched over the weekend of August 14-16th. Donations from individuals and businesses are welcome. 

A former superior said of him “Dan always wanted the hard assignments; he worked hard, played hard and prayed hard”.

Fr Daniel ("Dan") Baragry died 9th Jan 2015, was born on 11 May 1930 in Tipperary. Educated at CBS Tipperary and The Abbey School, Tipperary. He came to Dalgan in 1948 and was ordained priest on 21 December 1954.Dan was assigned to the Philippines and spent the next 45 years happily working in that country. The first 35 years were all spent in parishes in the southern island of Mindanao. He served in Pagadian, Mahinog, Malabang, Tangub, Bacolod, Anakan, Alubijid, Marihatag, and Linamon.

The Rev. Michael Kennelly ,Born: May 22, 1914. Died: Jan. 3, 2011.

Survivors: Sister Mary Jane Conlon; brother Timothy Kennelly; numerous nieces and nephews.

Service: 7 p.m. Thursday; Jesuit High School, St. Anthony's Chapel, 4701 N Himes Ave., Tampa.

TAMPA — The Rev. Michael Kennelly, an Irish immigrant who played a major role in the history of Jesuit High School, died Jan. 3 in New Orleans. He was 96, the oldest priest in the Jesuits' New Orleans province, which stretches from New Mexico to South Carolina.

Related News/Archive

Under his leadership, the school founded in 1899 moved from its downtown Tampa location to Himes Avenue, on what was then rural land.

"He bought the land back when everybody thought it was a crazy thing to do, because nobody would ever take their kids there," said Richard Gonzmart, a 1971 Jesuit graduate who owns the Columbia Restaurant.

Father Kennelly left Tampa Jesuit to found another high school in Houston, then served four years as president of Loyola University in New Orleans before returning to Tampa.

"He was a visionary," said Father Richard Hermes, Jesuit's president. "He was a man who had a deep conviction in what his purposes were, knew the mission of the school and always had his eyes on the goal."

Considered a legend by many, Father Kennelly tackled his largest tasks with an approachable demeanor, friends say.

"He was just a regular guy," said former Tampa Mayor Dick Greco. "Take the collar off, and you would never know he was a priest."

He spoke with a thick Irish accent and was a good storyteller.

"Whenever you were saying goodbye to Father Kennelly, he would always reply with, 'Keep the faith,' " said David Agliano, who owned the Valencia Garden Restaurant.

Agliano, 54, recalled an incident that brought Father Kennelly's character into sharp relief. Agliano wanted Father Kennelly to baptize his children in Agliano's church.

The church refused because Father Kennelly, a Jesuit, did not belong to the Diocese of St. Petersburg.

"I called father and he said, 'When do you want it done?' " Agliano recalled. Agliano gave him a date.

"You show up and I'll be there," Father Kennelly replied.

The baptism went off without a hitch — in the same church that had refused permission.

The incident was typical of Father Kennelly, who ploughed through obstacles without fear or bluster.

Michael Kennelly was born in Kilbaha, Ireland, on May 22, 1914, just before the outbreak of World War I.

He immigrated to the United States in 1929 and graduated from a New York high school in 1933.

He spent the next 20 years equally dividing his time between postgraduate studies and leadership of Jesuit high schools, including his first teaching stint at Tampa Jesuit from 1940 to 1943.

Antoinette Midili, who used to answer phones at the adjacent Sacred Heart Church downtown, said she used to tease Father Kennelly for his stern demeanour with students.

"I said, 'Those poor boys are scared of you the way you talk,' " said Midili, 85.

At the same time, she said, "If you needed him, it seemed like he was always there."

He was ordained a priest in 1946 and returned to Tampa Jesuit as president in 1953.

By then, the school founded in 1899 had outgrown its downtown location at Florida Avenue and Madison Street.

Father Kennelly raised the money for the $600,000 school and additional properties of both sides of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, pulled the permits and designed the campus with St. Anthony's chapel at its center.

Along the way, he befriended everyone from construction workers to contractors. "He baptized their children," said Hermes. "He had a knack for being a part of their lives."

He left Jesuit in 1959 and founded Strake College Preparatory School in Houston. He served as Loyola's president from 1970 to 1974.

He spent a decade at Sacred Heart Church in Tampa, adjacent to the old Jesuit campus. He returned to Tampa Jesuit as vice president from 1990 to 1997, then went back to Sacred Hart as pastor emeritus.

He retired in 2002 and moved to a Catholic assisted living facility in New Orleans, where he died.

"If you live 96 years, and you touch as many lives as that man did, you've done your job," said Greco.

A memorial service at Tampa Jesuit on Thursday, in St. Anthony's Chapel, will allow friends and former students to say goodbye — or "keep the faith," as the case may be.

Andrew Meacham can be reached at (727) 892-2248 or


William R Griffin born Chicago Ill. Sept. 1st 1883 son of Patrick and Mary Burke. Parents of Limerick

James A Griffin Born Chicago , Ill. 27-2-1883, son of Tom and Catherine Woulfe, both parents Ardagh.

Tom Langton Grace OP , born Charleston SC, Nov. 16- 1814, son of Garrett Pierce and Bridget Boland, parents near Newcastle West.

William R Griffin born Chicago, Sept 1st 1883 son of Pat and Mary Burke.

Francis W Howard born Columbus Ohio 21 June 1887, son of Francis and Catherine Sullivan, father Limerick, mother Kerry.

Michael J Keys SM, born Dingle, Feb. 28th 1876 son of Maurice and Mary McKenna.

John J Lawlor, born Rochester Minn. 4 Aug. 1862, son of John and Elizabeth McElligott, both parents of Kerry.

Joseph E McCarthy, born Waterbury, Conn. 14 Nov. 1876, son of Eugene and Joan Colloty of Tralee.

Bernard J Mahony, born Albany NY. 24 July 1875, son of Dan and Hanora O Connor of Duagh.

John Francis O Hern, born Olean NY, 4 June 1874 son of Pat and Ellen Casey of Kerry.

Samuel Strich his father of Kerry born Nashville , Tenn. 17 Aug. 1887, son of Garret and Catherine O Malley , mother of Indiana.

Maurice F Burke of Irish descent, born Limerick 5 May 1845, son of Francis and Joan Casey.

John F Cunningham, born Irramore 20 June 1842, son of John and Catherine Fitzgerald.

Bernard Joseph Mahoney (July 24, 1875 – March 20, 1939) was the third Catholic Bishop of Sioux Falls (1922-1939).

Bernard Mahoney was born 24 July 1875, in Albany, New York, to Daniel and Honora (née O'Connor) Mahoney, both parents from Duagh Co Kerry. He left school early to support his family, worked as telegraph messenger boy. After attending St. John's Academy in Rensselaer, he entered September 1895, Mount St. Mary's College in Emmitsburg, Maryland, from where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1899 and a Master of Arts in 1901.He worked through college as a telegrapher for Albany and Troy newspapers. Bishop Thomas A Burke of Albany sent him to the North American College in Rome , where he was ordained to the priesthood on February 27, 1904.Returning to America in 1905 He served as a curate at St. Peter's Church in Troy until 1909, Fr Mahoney again went to Rome and became spiritual director of the Pontifical North American College there. In 1912 he earned a Doctor of Sacred Theology.

On May 24, 1922, Bernard J Mahoney was appointed Bishop of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, by Pope Pius XI. He received his episcopal consecration on the following June 29 from Cardinal Gaetano de Lai, with Bishops Giovanni Maria Zonghi and Giacomo Sinibaldi serving as co-consecrators, in Rome. He was Bishop at Sioux Falls for the sixteen years, until his death at age 63 on 20th March 1939. He was popular at conducting retreats for priests.

Bishop Mahoney died at Rochester following and operation. His funeral services were held at St Joseph’s Cathedral

KERRY (RC) , Parish/Church/Congregation - DUAGH

Baptism of BERNARD MAHONY of NR on 4 August 1889. Father JAMES MAHONY


American Telegraphist. BECOMES BISHOP.

Catholic Press Sydney. Previous issue Thursday 28 December 1922

Two Archbishops, six Bishops, and more than 200 priests attended the installation some few weeks ago of the Right Rev. Bernard J. Mahoney, as Bishop of the diocese of Sioux Falls, U.S.A. The Most Rev. Austin Dowling, Archbishop of St. Paul, presided and preached the sermon. Bishop Mahoney was born in Albany in 1875, and was forced to leave school to aid in the support of his family. For a time he was a Western Union messenger boy, and

later became a telegraphist. He worked his way through college as a telegraphist, and entered Mount St. Mary's at Emmitsburg in September, 1895. The late Bishop Burke, of Albany, recognising his ability, designated him as a student for the American College at Rome, where he was ordained in 1904. He returned to the United States in 1905, and was assistant at St. Peter's Church, Troy, for five years,

Two American Bishops Dead. 13 April 1939 Catholic Press Sydney NSW


The Holy See has received information that Bishop Joseph Henry Conroy, of Ogdenburg, New York, died on Monday, aged 81, and that Bishop Bernard Mahoney, of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, U.S.A., died on Tuesday, aged 64. — R.I.P.

His Eminence Samuel Alphonsus Stritch, D.D. 1930 – 1940

Samuel Strich his father of Ballyheigue Co. Kerry born Nashville , Tenn. 17 Aug. 1887, son of Garret and Catherine O Malley , mother of Indiana.

Samuel Alphonsus Stritch was Considered a child prodigy, Samuel Stritch entered college at age 16 and attended the North American College in Rome to complete his studies. He was ordained on May 21, 1910, in Rome. Before entering the episcopate, he served in Memphis and Nashville. He was made bishop of Toledo, Ohio, on November 30, 1921, at the age of 34.

Stritch was transferred to Milwaukee and installed as archbishop on August 26, 1930. Stritch was known for his youth, kindness and idealism though most of his years were spent coping with the Great Depression. In 1935, a fire destroyed the interior of the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist. Stritch was sensitive to the devastating effects of the Depression on the people of Milwaukee, however, and postponed all restoration of the burned out cathedral. He also chose not to renovate Saint Francis Seminary for the same reason, though it was showing need for major repair.

Stritch called for the first National Catholic Social Action Conference, held in Milwaukee in 1938. He played a particularly important role in mobilizing support behind the Catholic Action movement sanctioned by Pope Pius XI. The movement invited the laity to participate in the apostolate of the hierarchy, and Stritch not only included important clerics in his inner circle, but also frequently consulted prominent laity. Samuel Stritch founded the Catholic Youth Organization to care for the spiritual, cultural, social and athletic needs of youth. The organization soon grew to include over 30,000 boys and girls. Stritch was transferred to the Archdiocese of Chicago on December 27, 1939, and was made cardinal on February 18, 1946. Cardinal Samuel Stritch served the people of Chicago until his death on May 27, 1958, in Rome.

Bishop R Griffin

1930 Monsignor William R. Griffin was named pastor. Monsignor Griffin renovated, redecorated and added an extra sixty feet to the existing church building. The new church was dedicated on October 23, 1932. Monsignor Griffin also saved $15,000 in Catholic Bonds to be used for construction of a new gymnasium in memory of Monsignor McDonald. In 1935 Monsignor Griffin was selected to be Bishop of LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

William Richard Griffin (September 1, 1882 in Chicago, Illinois – March 18, 1944 in La Crosse, Wisconsin) was a Catholic bishop. He was ordained on May 25, 1907, for the Archdiocese of Chicago. On March 9, 1935, he was appointed auxiliary bishop for the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, and titular bishop of Lydda; he was ordained bishop on May 1, 1935. Bishop Griffin was buried in Chicago, Illinois in Calvary Cemetery March 1944.

Bishop James Aloysius Griffin †


Bishop of Springfield in Illinois


Date Age Event Title

27 Feb 1883 Born Chicago

4 Jul 1909 26.4 Ordained Priest Priest

10 Nov 1923 40.7 Appointed Bishop of Springfield in Illinois, USA

25 Feb 1924 41.0 Ordained Bishop Bishop of Springfield in Illinois, USA

5 Aug 1948 65.4 Died Bishop of Springfield in Illinois, USA

MicroData Summary for James Aloysius Griffin:

Bishop James Aloysius Griffin (born 27 Feb 1883, died 5 Aug 1948) Bishop of Springfield in Illinois

James A Griffin Born Chicago , Ill. 27-2-1883, son of Tom and Catherine Woulfe, both parents Ardagh.

Bishop Thomas Grace †


Bishop of Sacramento, California


Date Age Event Title

2 Aug 1841 Born Wexford, Ireland

24 Jun 1876 34.9 Ordained Priest Priest

20 Mar 1896 54.6 Appointed Bishop of Sacramento, California, USA

16 Jun 1896 54.9 Ordained Bishop Bishop of Sacramento, California, USA

27 Dec 1921 80.4 Died Bishop of Sacramento, California, USA

MicroData Summary for Thomas Grace:

Bishop Thomas Grace (born 2 Aug 1841, died 27 Dec 1921) Bishop of Sacramento

Bishop Patrick Joseph James Keane †


Bishop of Sacramento, California


Date Age Event Title

6 Jan 1872 Born Ballybunnion, Ireland

20 Jun 1895 23.5 Ordained Priest Priest of San Francisco, California, USA

10 Sep 1920 48.7 Appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Sacramento, California, USA

10 Sep 1920 48.7 Appointed Titular Bishop of Samaria

4 Dec 1920 48.9 Ordained Bishop Titular Bishop of Samaria

17 Mar 1922 50.2 Appointed Bishop of Sacramento, California, USA

1 Sep 1928 56.7 Died Bishop of Sacramento, California, USA

MicroData Summary for Patrick Joseph James Keane:

Bishop Patrick Joseph James Keane (born 6 Jan 1872, died 1 Sep 1928) Bishop of Sacramento

Bishop William Thomas Larkin †


Bishop Emeritus of Saint Petersburg, Florida


Date Age Event Title

31 Mar 1923 Born Mount Morris

15 May 1947 24.1 Ordained Priest Priest of Saint Augustine, Florida, USA

18 Apr 1979 56.0 Appointed Bishop of Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA

27 May 1979 56.2 Ordained Bishop Bishop of Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA

29 Nov 1988 65.7 Retired Bishop of Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA

4 Nov 2006 83.6 Died Bishop Emeritus of Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA

MicroData Summary for William Thomas Larkin:

Bishop William Thomas Larkin (born 31 Mar 1923, died 4 Nov 2006) Bishop Emeritus of Saint Petersburg

Bishop John Jeremiah Lawler †


Bishop of Rapid City, South Dakota


Date Age Event Title

4 Aug 1862 Born Rochester, MN

19 Dec 1885 23.4 Ordained Priest Priest of Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

8 Feb 1910 47.5 Appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

8 Feb 1910 47.5 Appointed Titular Bishop of Hermopolis Maior

19 May 1910 47.8 Ordained Bishop Titular Bishop of Hermopolis Maior

29 Jan 1916 53.5 Appointed Bishop of Lead, South Dakota, USA

11 Mar 1948 85.6 Died Bishop of Rapid City, South Dakota, USA

MicroData Summary for John Jeremiah Lawler: John J Lawlor, born Rochester Minn. 4 Aug. 1862, son of John and Elizabeth McElligott, both parents of Kerry.

Bishop John Jeremiah Lawler (born 4 Aug 1862, died 11 Mar 1948) Bishop of Rapid City

Bishop Raymond James Boland †


Bishop Emeritus of Kansas City-Saint Joseph, Missouri


Date Age Event Title

8 Feb 1932 Born Tipperary, Ireland

16 Jun 1957 25.4 Ordained Priest Priest of Washington, District of Columbia, USA

2 Feb 1988 56.0 Appointed Bishop of Birmingham, Alabama, USA

25 Mar 1988 56.1 Ordained Bishop Bishop of Birmingham, Alabama, USA

22 Jun 1993 61.4 Appointed Bishop of Kansas City-Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA

9 Sep 1993 61.6 Installed Bishop of Kansas City-Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA

24 May 2005 73.3 Resigned Bishop of Kansas City-Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA

27 Feb 2014 82.1 Died Bishop Emeritus of Kansas City-Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA

MicroData Summary for Raymond James Boland:

Bishop Raymond James Boland (born 8 Feb 1932, died 27 Feb 2014) Bishop Emeritus of Kansas City-Saint Joseph

Archbishop Thomas Aloysius Boland †


Archbishop Emeritus of Newark, New Jersey


Date Age Event Title

17 Feb 1896 Born Orange, NJ

23 Dec 1922 26.8 Ordained Priest Priest of Newark, New Jersey, USA

21 May 1940 44.3 Appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Newark, New Jersey, USA

21 May 1940 44.3 Appointed Titular Bishop of Hirina

25 Jul 1940 44.4 Ordained Bishop Titular Bishop of Hirina

21 Jun 1947 51.3 Appointed Bishop of Paterson, New Jersey, USA

15 Nov 1952 56.7 Appointed Archbishop of Newark, New Jersey, USA

14 Jan 1953 56.9 Installed Archbishop of Newark, New Jersey, USA

25 Mar 1974 78.1 Retired Archbishop of Newark, New Jersey, USA

16 Mar 1979 83.1 Died Archbishop Emeritus of Newark, New Jersey, USA

MicroData Summary for Thomas Aloysius Boland:

Archbishop Thomas Aloysius Boland (born 17 Feb 1896, died 16 Mar 1979) Archbishop Emeritus of Newark

INDIA: Sr. Alphonsa of Kerala, who was canonised and raised to sainthood on October 12, 2008 by Pope Benedict XVI — the first woman saint of India.

BISHOP O'REILLY FUNERAL; Thousands Attend Services in the Cathedral at Scranton

Funeral services here held today for the Most Rev. Thomas Charles O'Reilly, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Scranton for ten years. Denis Cardinal Dougherty of Philadelphia celebrated the funeral mass in St. Peter's Cathedral. Bishop Bernard J. Mahoney of Sioux Falls, S. D., preached the sermon.

. Bishop Bernard J. Mahoney of Sioux Falls, sd, preached the sermon.

April 1, 1938 - N.Y. / Region - Article - Article - Print Headline: "BISHOP O'REILLY FUNERAL; Thousands Attend Services in the Cathedral at Scranton"


Drumm, Bishop of Des Dloines, who was t eceived by the Pope last week, left ... Bishop Bernard J. Mahoney of sioay Falls, here on his msit to the Pope, has ...

July 21, 1929 - Opinion - Article - Article - Print Headline: "POPE WOULD WALK IN PROCESSION; Wants to Go Afoot Thursday on His Emergence Instead of Being Carried. AMERICAN CLERGY HONORED Two Are Elevated to Private Papal Chamberlains--Pontiff Receives Bishops of Detroit and Covington."

BISHOP O'REILLY FUNERAL; Thousands Attend Services in the ...

Thomas Charles O'Reilly, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Scranton for ten ... Bishop Bernard J. Mahoney of Sioux Falls, sd, preached the sermon.

April 1, 1938 - Article - Print Headline: "BISHOP O'REILLY FUNERAL; Thousands Attend Services in the Cathedral at Scranton"

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Drumm, Bishop of Des Dloines, who was t eceived by the Pope last week, left ... Bishop Bernard J. Mahoney of sioay Falls, here on his msit to the Pope, has ...

July 21, 1929 - Article - Article - Print Headline: "POPE WOULD WALK IN PROCESSION; Wants to Go Afoot Thursday on His Emergence Instead of Being Carried. AMERICAN CLERGY HONORED Two Are Elevated to Private Papal Chamberlains--Pontiff Receives Bishops of Detroit and Covington."

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BISHOP ATTACKS KLAN Greetings From Pope and Br'ith Abraham Read at ... were tabulating returns of the . annual election Bishop Bernard J. Mahoney of ...

August 7, 1924 - Article - Article - Article - Print Headline: "K. OF C. NAMES TOBIN SUPREME DIRECTOR; New York Again Honored by Catholic Order in Election of Brooklyn Man as Leader."

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BISHOP bj MAHONEY OF SIOUX FALLS, sd; Catholic Prelate ...

ROCHESTER, Minn.,. March 20. (rte.-Most Rev. Bernard Joseph Mahoney, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls,. sd, died here today at the b2ayo Clinic ...

March 21, 1939 - Obituaries - Article - Print Headline: "BISHOP B.J. MAHONEY OF SIOUX FALLS, S.D.; Catholic Prelate Began Career as a Telegraph Messenger"

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Four Other Bishops and 300 Priests Pay Last Tribute to Mrs. Duffy.

John A. Duffy, Bishop of the Diocese of Syracuse, ny Thousands of persons remained outside during the ... Bernard J. Mahoney of Sioux Falls, sd: the Most Rev.

January 21, 1934 - Special lo TB - Obituaries - Article - Article - Print Headline: "PRELATES AT MASS FOR BISHOP'S MOTHER; Four Other Bishops and 300 Priests Pay Last Tribute to Mrs. Duffy."

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... to the fact that they remembered names." Another passenger was Bishop F. Bernard J. Mahoney of Sioux Falls, Iowa, who is making his annual visit to Rome.

August 9, 1925 - Special to The New York Times. - Obituaries - Article - Article - Article - Print Headline: "LIVE WIRE KILLS TWO IN STAMFORD STREET; Contact Is Made as They Throw Copper Radio Wire Over One Carrying 4,500 Volts."

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Pope Sees Better Conditions In the Economic World Now

By The Associated Press. VATICAN CITY, July 2.-Fope Pius told Bishop Bernard J. Mahoney of Sioux Falls, sd, in a"* private audience today that he thought ...

July 3, 1932 - By The Associated Press. - Obituaries - Article - Article - Article - Article - Print Headline: "Pope Sees Better Conditions In the Economic World Now"

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6500 SAIL TODAY ON TWELVE LINERS; Many Foreign Diplomats ...

:wili have among her passengers Bishop Bernard J. Mahoney of Sioux Fails, sd. who has been in New York for the last few days attending the convention of the ...

August 9, 1924 - BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES - Article - Print Headline: "6,500 SAIL TODAY ON TWELVE LINERS; Many Foreign Diplomats on Vacations Are Among the Outgoing Passengers."

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BISHOP MEETS MUSSOLINI.; II Duce Is Assured That He ... - Opinion

The Most Rev. Bernard J. Mahoney of Sioux Falls, sd, had a twenty-minute audience with Premier Mussolini today, the first American Bishop to be received by II ...

July 8, 1932 - BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES - Article - Article - Print Headline: "BISHOP MEETS MUSSOLINI.; II Duce Is Assured That He Is Admired by Americans."

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Bishop JOHN B. , Manchester, nhhocked to learn of death of beloved Cardinal Hayes: Bishop BERNARD J. MAHONEY Sioux Falls,'sd-Deeply grieved at death ...

September 6, 1938 - BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES - Article - Article - Article - Print Headline: "CARDINAL PRAISED BY NON-CATHOLICS; Protestants and Jes Among the Thousands Who Send Messages of Condolence MOURNING IS WORLD WIDE Diplomats, Church Dignitaries, Persons in All Walks of Life Express Grief"

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ROME WELCOMES MARCONI.; The King Has Invited the Inventor to ...

Bernard Mahoney, spiritual Director at the institution, has come to ]Rome from Castel ... The Rector, Bishop Thomas F. Kennedy, has been received in private ...

October 12, 1913

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George L. Leech, Bish- I op of Harrisburg. Most Rev. Bernard 3. Mahoney, Bishop of Sioux , sd Most Rev. Maurice Francis Mc- Auliffe, Bishop of Hartford, Conn.

September 9, 1938 - BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES - Article - Article - Article - Article - Print Headline: "MUNDELEIN TO LEAD HAYES RITES TODAY; 74 Members of the Hierarchy of North America to Attend St. Patrick's Services POPE TO BE REPRESENTED Archbishop Cicognani, Apostolic Delegate, Named as Personal Envoy at the Obsequies Procession to Precede Mass Those Who Will Attend"

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He imparted the apostolic benediction upon the Bishop's parishioners. Archbishop Michael J. Curley of Baltimore and the Right Rev. Bernard J. Mahoney of ...

July 10, 1929 - BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES - Article - Article - Article - Article - Article - Print Headline: "POPE GREETS SAILORS FROM OUR SQUADRON; He Tells Them He Has Great Love for the Sea and Calls Them Hope of Their Country."

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Five Archbishops and more than thirty-five Bishops will attend the nineteenth meeting of the National Conference of ... Bernard J. Mahoney, Sioux Falls, 8.

September 24, 1933 - SOCIETY FINANCIAL NEWS GENERAL NEWS SHIPPING AND MAILS BUSINESS NEWS - Article - Print Headline: "CATHOLICS TO HEAR ROOSEVELT SPEECH; President's Talk on Oct. 4 Will Close National Conference of Church's Charities. CENTENARY IS OBSERVED Meeting Marks Anniversary of Founding of St. Vincent de Paul Society. CATHOLICS TO HEAR ROOSEVELT SPEECH"

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Bartholomew J. Eustace, Bishop of Camden, nj This mass will be for the school .... Kan.; * Patrick H. Barry, St. Augustine; Bernard J. Mahoney, Sioux Falls, S: D.- ...

September 7, 1938 - Times Topics - Topic - Article - Article - Print Headline: "THOUSANDS MOURN AT CARDINAL'S BIER; Seemingly Endless Line Moves Through Cathedral for Last Glimpse of Prelate Thousands Pass Bier Procession to Cathedral THOUSANDS MOURN AT CARDINAL'S BIER Deep Silence Prevails HIERARCHY TO ATTEND Church Notables Who Will Go to Funeral Listed"

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Tablet, Page 28, 7th August 1920.

There was a crowded attendance at the meeting of the grouped Foreign .Missionary Societies—the Association for the Propagation of the Faith, St. Joseph's Foreign Missionary Society, the White Fathers, Holy Ghost Society and Holy Childhood Society. Bishop Neville, Vicar-Apostolic of Zanzibar, occupied the chair, supported by the Archbishop of Liverpool, the Archbishop of Simla, the Bishop of Brentwood, Bishop Hanlon, and many of the clergy. Interesting particulars were given, in a paper read by Father Parscns, and in addresses by Archbishop Kenealy and others, of work and needs in the mission field abroad. We hope to print later a selection from the papers read at the missionary section of the Congress.

Bishop James Dowd was born in 1907 in San Francisco. He was the son of Mr  O' Dowd who came from near Abbeyfeale and his wife Margaret Corridan of Knockmaol. Margaret was one of about 8 children of the marriage of Jamesie Corridan and his first wife , Maria Dillon.

Bishop O'Dowd High School was established in September, 1951 by the Archdiocese of San Francisco as a Catholic co-institutional memorial high school named in honour of Bishop James T. O'Dowd.


Sr Joan Corridan (1921-2013)


January 23rd we learned of the  sad passing of Sr. Joan Corridan. Those of us that were fortunate enough to cross her path (and there are quite a lot of people over the years who teased her ever sharp mind in search of their blood lines) felt very much enriched for the experience. She was  a very  warm and smart Lady, with such a welcoming and infectious smile,  who only saw  good in everybody . Joan spent the last decade or so of her life fighting her illness, before losing her  courageous  battle at the ripe old age of 92.  Sr.  Joan was predeceased by her brothers Tim, Ned, Moss and Mary. Her Parents were Maurice Corridan and Hanora Kelly and her grandparents were Thady Corridan(1845-1936) and Maria Walsh. Thady was 6th and youngest son of Thomas Corridan 1801-1878 and Margaret O Donnell.


Page 26, 28th June 1913

28th June 1913




To Me Editor of THE TABLET.

SIR,—The British Catholics are, perhaps, unaware that their brethren in the Indian Empire are greatly exercised over some acts of the Indian Government prejudicial to the rights of the Catholic Church in India.

After the courteous and appreciative reply given about a year ago by His Most Gracious Majesty, our beloved King Emperor, George V, to the address of welcome presented by the Catholic prelates of India on his visit among us, wherein His Majesty thanked them, and through them, the members of the Catholic Church—after this there has fallen a bolt from the blue in the shape of an order, dated loth January, 1913, by the Government of India, that " the right to be called the Catholic Church is disputed on historical and other grounds by other Churches, and the Governor-General in Council directs that such loose phraseology may be carefully avoided in future, and that in all official communications the Roman community and its authorities may be addressed as Roman Catholics." This absurd order, which has been commented on and protested against by the Catholic Press and by a portion of the non-Catholic Press, has been followed by another order, dated 12th April, 1913, denying to our prelates their territorial titles. Thus Doctor Meulman, Archbishop of Calcutta, is no more to be styled "Archbishop of Calcutta," but simply as "the Most Reverend Dr. Meulman," and Doctor Kenealy, Archbishop of Simla, is not to be styled "Archbishop of Simla," but simply as " the Most Reverend Dr. Kenealy." And so on the other prelates.

These orders, especially the last, have evoked an outburst of criticism. The leading Catholic papers, the Catholic Herald of India (Calcutta), the Examiner (Bombay), the Catholic Watchman (Madras), and a portion of the non-Catholic Press of India have written against it ; and none of the secular papers have supported the order. The various Catholic associations, Calcutta, Lahore, Rangoon, Allahabad, Nagpur, Decca, Chittagong, and Moulmein, are also opposed to the order.

Leaving aside the theological aspects of the question, and taking only the logical and legal standpoints, the refusal to acknowledge the territorial titles of our Bishops is unwarranted by any continuity of practice in India, and is opposed to the laws and constitution of the Empire as a whole. Throughout the British Empire the prelates of the Catholic Church are addressed by their territorial titles. The Catholic Episcopate in India, with its territorial divisions and titles antedates the British occupation ; they receive their titles from the Pope, who is Christ's Vicar on Earth and Head of His Church, in whose hands is plenitude of jurisdiction ; and the refusal of the Government of India to recognise their titles is at once an invasion of the Pope's spiritual prerogatives and a violation of Queen Victoria's Proclamation of 1858.

The situation produced by the Government of India Order of 12th April, 1913, corresponds in some degree to the excitement roused in England in x815, when Pope Pius IX restoring the English Hierarchy and dividing the United Kingdom into dioceses bearing territorial resignations, Lord John Russell introduced the infamous " Territorial Titles Bill," which was never brought into 4plication and was repealed by Gladstone in 1871. In his life of the Great Commoner, Lord Morley writes : " The weapon that had been forged in the blazing furnace by these clumsy armourers proved blunt and worthless, the law was from the first a dead letter, and it was struck out from the Statute Book in 1871 by Mr. Gladstone's own administration."

By the Emancipation Act of 1829, when Catholics were admitted into the Legislature, England ceased to be a purely Protestant State. Here in India there is no State Church, no religion by law established. Every religion exists here merely ipso facto, and the Government is pledged solemnly to neutrality ; all religions are equal before the law. Hence every religion is free to make its own arrangements, and such arrangements are to be respected by the Government as part of the liberty of the subject. Any Government must in all official dealings with that community apply itself to their recognized head and address him with the title which he has assumed under the approval and with the adhesion of the community. The Government cannot interfere, to abolish, to abrogate, or even to ignore organizations already in existence before India came under British rule.

Such, alas! has come to be the state of affairs in this great Indian Dependency. We cannot be silent while our liberties are being trodden under foot by the Government. If the protest of our prelates, backed by the Catholic associations representing the CatholionOtIndia, to the Government be fruitless, it will be necessary to appeal to the British Parliament. And it is accordingly sought to bring the matter to the attention of the Catholics of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Yours faithfully, F. R.

Lahore, 5th June, 1913.


Who was St Patrick? Saint Patrick was a Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. Known as the "Apostle of Ireland", he is the primary patron saint of the island along with Saints Brigid and Columba. Two authentic letters from him survive, from which come the only generally-accepted details of his life. When he was about 16, he was captured from his home and taken as a slave to Ireland, where he lived for six years before escaping and returning to his family. After becoming a cleric, he returned to northern and western Ireland as an ordained bishop, but little is known about the places where he worked. By the seventh century, he had already come to be revered as the patron saint of Ireland.

Why is St Patrick associated with snakes?

Legends suggest that Saint Patrick drove out snakes from Ireland, although scientific evidence suggests that snakes did not exist in post-glacial Ireland. Some scholars believe that the "snakes" that Saint Patrick drove out are a metaphor for the serpent symbolism of Druids who inhabited Ireland during Patrick's time, or even heretical beliefs, e.g. Pelagianism. Saint Patrick probably did have a role in driving out Druid and Pelagian influence in Ireland.

Was St Patrick the first Irish Bishop?

No, Palladius was sent by Pope Celestine around 431 to Ireland, ‘to the Irish believers in Christ’. He is considered a saint by both the Anglican and Catholic church. Patrick worked more in the west and north of the country, principally with those who weren’t already Christian, and Patricks legacy is the one which endured. Patrick is well known because of the writings he left – they help us to feel connected with him and his faith.

Is St Patrick a Patron Saint in other countries?

Yes. In fact, Saint Patrick is a very popular patron saint. He is the patron saint of various dioceses and archdioceses, including Adelaide (Australia), Armagh (Ireland), Auckland (New

Zealand), Ballarat (Australia), Boston (USA), Burlington (Vermont, USA), Cape Town (South Africa), Dromore (Ireland), Erie (Pennsylvania, USA), Fort Worth (Texas, USA), Harrisburg (Pennsylvania, USA), Kilmore (Ireland), Melbourne (Australia), Mymensingh (Bangladesh), New York (USA), Poona (India), and Sacramento (California, USA). He is also the patron of the countries of Ireland and Nigeria. He is the patron of engineers, excluded persons, and ophidiophobics (those who fear snakes). He is the patron saint against snakes, fear of snakes, and snake bites.

What is St Patricks Purgatory?

Since the 12th century, Saint Patrick's Purgatory has been a place of pilgrimage on Station Island, Lough Derg, Co. Donegal, in Ireland. This is where Christ is said to have revealed to Saint Patrick the entrance to purgatory and the earthly paradise. The earliest recorded visit to Saint Patrick's Purgatory is by an Irish knight named Owein around AD 1146. Saint Patrick's

Purgatory became a popular pilgrimage site for knightly pilgrims from different countries in the 14th and 15th centuries. Pilgrims still visit the Island, which now has a modern basilica.

As part of our Celtic heritage and renowned throughout Europe since the Middle Ages, Lough Derg is a unique place of peace. In today's modern world - where everything is fast and instant - Lough Derg still manages to maintain a pace where people have to move more slowly, where the mind can be stilled. This small island offers no distractions, no artificialities, but instead a warm welcome, for there are no strangers here. If you are seeking

an opportunity for calm, for renewal or growth, then this ancient Sanctuary of St. Patrick might well be the place. Everyone is welcome to become part of what has been an Irish tradition since the sixth century.Given that it has survived for over a thousand years, that it continues to attract pilgrims and give them hope, there is nothing to suggest that it will not be

here in another thousand years.

For more information about visiting Saint Patrick's Purgatory, visit the Lough Derg website at

Resource: Children's Drama about St Patrick

Seomra Ranga is a website offering resources for classroom use. This drama with four narrators tells the story of St Patricks life in simple understandable terms.

Le Cheile Trust also offers resources for schools - A St Patricks Day service is here:


BISHOP Brendan Leahy has hailed the “incredible cultural depth” of Limerick.

Speaking as he launched a range of Diocesan cultural events to take place as part of City of Culture, Bishop Leahy said the designation was a “glorious opportunity for Limerick to capture the hearts and minds of the nation”.

An extensive programme of events backed by the Diocese of Limerick includes a Pipe Organ Festival, a series of reflections on ‘Cultures and Beliefs’ during Lent, a Seinn Concert involving over 400 students from 20 schools, and two Easter ceremonies which will be broadcast live on RTÉ.

The Bishop stated that it was incumbent on all organisations and people in Limerick to make the most of the great opportunity that the year-long designation is “in terms of alerting the nation to the enormous cultural depth of the city and county”.

“The City of Culture designation is giving Limerick a national platform to reveal this cultural diversity and richness to the nation and beyond and it is only right that the Diocese would seek to play its part and be much more than simply spec­tators in this great Limerick celebration of who we are,” he said.


The Cult of Reason metamorphosed into the Reign of Terror in which the streets of Paris literally ran red with the blood of its victims. The Goddess of Reason made way for Madame Guillotine who was omnivorous in her bloodlustful appetite, devouring Christians and atheists alike.


Tipperary Priest in Siberia

 Fr Robert Bradshaw born Tipperary 1929, his father was a butcher in the Town and his mother Josephine Ryan was from Hollyford, he was of a family of ten. He wrote a letter from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia in September 1993, the letter arrived the day of his death 23 September 1993. He mentioned it was a long time since he wrote and as others were receiving this bulletin for the first time, he was going to give extra details of his Parish.  Which was 2,000 miles long and 700 miles wide it has only three priests in the heart of Siberia. Many towns and villages the most distant town is three hours by plane . In 1935 the communists shot the priest and converted the church into a theatre. No priest there for 57 years, 25 old Catholics heard mass for the first time in 57 years one old lady of 93 travelled four hours by train to receive the sacraments before she died. First Mass was said in classroom, later Polish priests and nuns arrived. St Vincent de Paul Society was established and the Legion of Mary was a great help. Weather in winter maybe 40 degrees below. Women pull their children behind them in a sleigh during winter. The summer, dry hot weather June, July and part of August. When the priest was taken away one lady baptised local children who in their old age are receiving their first communion now. Building new church 200 kilometres away in town of 30,000. Because of distances a newsletter is produced, the Legion are a great help in distributing it, a correspondence course is also available. Russian Academy of Science held a conference and invited Fr Bradshaw to speak. A container of clothes was donated from Iceland to his parish and distributed to the needy. He also bought a cottage and garden on the edge of the forest to grow food and have a place to rest, besides potatoes, several fruit varieties also can be grown. He was blessed with helpers Debbie Cummins and Rachel Geraghty from Dublin. He thanks all who have given help and prayers. Fr James Costelloe was with him at the time of his death. Fr. Robert Bradshaw was buried at St Michael’s Church Tipperary on 30th September 1993.


by Kay Caball




MKA Blog Knocknagoshel'Arise Knocknagoshel and take your place among the nations of the earth'.  We are all aware of this slogan which was headlined on a banner carried by proud Knocknagoshel Parnellites to Newcastlewest in 1891 to protest when they got word that Parnell might  not be allowed to speak at a planned rally there, on account of his marriage to the divorced Kitty O'Shea.




We might not all know though of the 440 names of those Kerry ancestors, who signed a successful petition to the Bishop of Kerry in 1916, requesting a resident Parish Priest.




On 17th August 1916, Cardinal Cassata, with papal authority, granted power to Bishop John Mangan]to establish a parish in Knocknagoshel.  Knocknagoshel had been part of Brosna parish for centuries and from time to time the parish priest resided in in the Knocknagoshel area.  In 1866, a delegation failed in their request to Bishop David Moriarty  for the formation of a separate parish in Knocknagoshel.  A later delegation in June 1888  also failed to secure Bishop Andrew Higgins’ approval.  However in June  1916, four hundred and forty householders signed a petition and the people’s wish was granted by Bishop Mangan.




Knocknagoshel had a chapel prior to 1834, which was also used as a school.  In that same year a new chapel was built on a site given by Lord Headley, who shared half the cost with his tenants.  This church had a thatched roof and mud floor.




From  The Diocese of Kerry, Working in the Fields of God (Kerry 2005), Fr. Kieran O'Shea.




Here are the signatories of the 1916 petition:


Jeremiah Long, R.D.C.    Daniel C. O'Connor, R.D.C.


William Mor....., Shanavaugha    Mrs. Ml. Mangan, Behenaugh


Michael Mangan, Behenaugh     John Mangan, Ballinahoun


Michael Mangan, Ballinahoun    Corns. D. O'Connor?, Knocknagoshel


B.J. Murphy, Knocknagoshel       May Brown, Knocknagoshel


Nora Murphy, Knocknagoshel    W.W. Mangan, Behenaugh


Cornelius Brosnan, Boula              William Cahill, Knocknagoshel


J.M. Mangan, Lots.          Jas. J. Murphy, Knocknagoshel


Johannah O'Connor, Knocknagoshel       Agnes? Murphy, Knocknagoshel


Jerh. J. Long, Knocknagoshel      Chas. Begley


James Begley     David O'Connell, Knocknagoshel


Daniel Cronin, Knockbrack           Harry Dalton, Knocknagoshel


Daniel Murphy, Knocknagoshel                 Adam Keane, Knockbrack


Ellen O'Connor, Meenahilly         Jeremiah Long, Knocknagoshel


Denis Guiney, Knocheencreen Dan Doody, Knockbrack


Jeremiah T. O'Connor, Meenganaire       Michael Connor, Knockbrack


Daniel Horan, Knockeencreen    Patrick McAuliffe, Scart.


Jeremiah Brosnan, Boula              Mrs. Horan, Boula


Cornelius O'Connor, Tooreenmore          James Welsh


Laurence O'Connor, Ballyduff     Patrick J. O'Sullivan, Feavautia


John Greaney, Meenleitrim        Daniel Doody, Knockbrack


John Fitzgerald, Boula    John McAuliffe, Scart.


John Brosnan, Scart.       Denis Naughton, Kgoshel


Timothy Brosnan, Meen               P. Charles O'Connor, Knocknagoshel


Patrick Walsh, Knocknagoshel    Laurence Wren, Tooreenmore


James Carmody, Meenbanivane               Con Curtin, Knockbrack


Mrs. Brosnan     Thomas Wren


Daniel Ganey     James L. Hickey, Ballyduff


Luke S. Keane, Knocknagoshel   John J. O'Connor, Knocknagoshel


Jeremiah Brown, Knockbrack     Patrick Carmody, Ballinahoun


James Griffin, Knocknagoshel    Charles Bunwortt?, Knocknagoshel


Mrs. Andrew Nolan, Tooreenmore          Mrs. Michael Mangan, Beheenagh


Philip Brady        Michael Reidy, Beheenagh


James Doody, Knockbrack           Jeremiah Piggot, Meenbanivane


John Doody, Knocknagoshel       Maurice Murphy, Knocknagoshel


Con Brosnan, Meenbanivane     James Nolan, Knocknagoshel


Patrick Murphy, Knocknagoshel                Patrick Murphy, Ahane


Mrs. T. Doody, Knockbrack          Mrs. C. Curtin, Knockbrack


James C. Lyons, Ballybawn           John Sweeney, Meen


John O'Connor, Ballyduff              Jerry Murphy, Meen


Patrick Herlihy, Ballyduff               William Herlihy, Beheenagh


Michael Morrissey, Ahane           Mrs. Leahey, Ballincartin


Maurice Murphy              Daniel Reidy, Meenleitrim


Margret Cotter, Knockbrack        Mrs. James O'Connor, Knocknagoshel


Denis Murphy, Meen     John Walsh, Meenbanavane


Kerry S. Keane, Scart      Jerry Murphy, Scart.


Michael Sullivan, Meenbanavane             Daniel Nolan, Knockbrack


James Thompson, Knockbrack   James Emperor, Knockbrack


Thomas Wren    Cornelius Greany, Knockbrack


Mary O'Connor, Behenaugh       Jame O'Callaghan, Ballyduff


Patrick Sullivan, Ballyduff              Mary Brown, Feavautia


John Roche, Scart            James Walsh, Ahane


Denis Scanlan, Ballyduff                Maurice Murphy


James Walsh, Feavautia                John Murphy, Knocknagoshel West


Daniel Nolan, Cloughane              Denis C. O'Connor, Gortroe


Patrick Donoghue, Knocknagoshel           Catherine Hickey, Meenbannivane


James Begley, Knocknagoshel    Jeremiah Brosnan, Knocknagoshel


James Browne, Knocknagoshel John Scanlan, Knocknagoshel


Michael Neligan, Ballyduff           R. Keene?, Behenagh


Michael Doody, Knockbrack        Daniel Leane, Clashnagaugh


John Jay, Feavautia         Jerry Murphy, Clashnagough


Patrick Heffernan, Knockbrack   Mathew Dillon, Behenagh


Patrick Nolan, Tooreenmre         James Hickey, Meenbanivane


Maurice Keane, Knockane           John Murphy, Meen


Denis Nolan        Con. Brosnan, Knockbrack


Denis Curtin, Meen         Michael Ahern, Meenganaire


James Fitzgerald, Boula                 Jeremiah Long, Scart


Richard Walsh, Feavautia              Patrick Murphy, Knocknagoshel


Patrick O'Connell, Ahane              Thomas Thompson, Knockbrack


Michael Herlihy, Feavautia           Robert Walsh, Knockbrack


David Morrissey, Cummer           John Kennelly?, Cummer


John Cotter, Knockbrack               Patrick Nolan, Tooreenmore


Thomas O'Connor, Boula              Daniel Keane, Knocknagoshel


Daniel Murphy, Knocknagoshel                 James J. Long, Knocknagoshel


Daniel D. Murphy, Knocknagoshel            Stephen Griffin, Meenbanivane


Nicholas Cotter, Knockbrack       Cornelius O'Connor


Jerry? T. O'Connor, Knocknagoshel          Kate Herlihy, Knockane


James Geany, Boula       Edmond Sheehan, Meenbanivane


Thomas Horan, Meen    John Murphy, Knocknagoshel


Maurice Brown, Scart     John Brown, Scart


Mary Morrissey                Denis D. O'Connor, Knocknagoshel


John Keane, Clashnagough          Edward Walsh, Beheenagh


Maurice Nolan, Knockbrack         James Kirby, Gortroe


Maurice Danaher, Ahane             John Griffin, Knocknagoshel


Robert Dalton, Ballyduff               Denis Scanlon, Ballyduff


Mike B. O'Connor, Gortroe          John T. McAuliffe, Meen


John Sullivan, Feavautia                Mrs. Kerry Keane, Scart


Mrs. Morrissey, Cummer             Daniel Lyons, Knocknagoshel


Mathew O'Connor, Ballyduff      Jeremiah Brosnan, Meenbanivane


Mrs. John Tobin, Laught.ooder?                Michael Keane, Toureenard


Nicholas W. Cotter, Knockbrack                 Mrs. Patrick Sullivan, Feavautia


Mrs. Patrick Murphy, Knocknagoshel      Mrs. J. Casey, Meenleitrim


Mrs. Jerry Reidy               Florence Brosnan


Daniel Collins, Cloughane             Denis Walsh


Johanna Nolan Mary Browne


Johanna O'Sullivan          Timothy O'Connor


John Browne     Thomas Heffernan


Mary Jerh. J. Long            Mary O'Connor


Mary Heffernan, N.T.     Mary O'Connor, Gortroe


David Brosnan, Knockbrack         Mrs. F. Brosnan, Knockbrack


Mrs. Kate Wren, Meen Jerh. Piggot, Knocknagoshel


Mary J. O'Connor, Knockbrack   James Reidy


Mrs. Murphy, Meen       John Connor, Meenleitrim


Pat Nolan            Pat Collins, Feavautia


Michael M. Aherne, Meengenaire           John Sullivan, Knockbrack


Richard Cotter, Knockbrack         Thos. Murphy, Knocknagoshel


Cornelius Moynihan, Knocknagoshel      Michael Herlihy, Ballinacartin


Denis Murphy, Meen     John McAuliffe


William Leane, Toureenard          Ned Cotter, Toureenard


Denis Lane, Shanby         Geoffrey Donoghue, Knocknagoshel


Patrick Roche, Ahane     Margaret Hickie, Meenleitrim


Laurince Shine, Knocknagoshel Thomas Pigot, Meenbanivane


Patrick Riordan, Knocknagoshel                 John Thompson, Knockbrack


Denis O'Connor, Knockbrack       Thos. Keane


Tim Cotter, Knockbrack                 James Hogan, Gortroe


William Cullinane, Ballyduff         Timothy Griffin, Kgoshel


Jerh. Connor, Meenleitrim          Kerry K. Keane


Edmond ..ralle?                John O'Connor


Michael McAuliffe, Knocknagoshel West              John Hickey, Meenleitrim South


Jerh. Reidy, Meenleitrim North                 John Downey, Laughtfouden?


Denis McAuliffe, Knochnagoshel West   Denis Long, Knocknagoshel


James Mangan, Feavautia            John McElligott, Knockbrack


James Reidy, Ballyduff   Daniel Sullivan


James O'Connor, Knocknagoshel              Daniel Sullivan, Ballinahoun?


John O'Connell, Meen   Jerry Riordan, Kilmanahan West


Miss Michael Walsh, Clashnagough          George O'Callaghan, Beheenaugh


Mrs. F. McAuliffe, Scart                 Timothy Sheehan, Feavautia


Julia Horan, Clashnagough           Mary Murphy, Knocknagoshel


Johana Nolan, Scart        Patt Nolan, Clashnagough


Mrs. P. Lyons, Meen     


Mrs. P. Connor, Gortroe               Mrs. Richie Cotter, Knockbrack


Mrs. Jeremiah Brosnan, Baranarig            John Brown, Scart


Mrs. John Connor            Mrs. Maurice Downey


Maurice Donoghue         David Reidy, Meen


Edmond Carmody            Cornelius O'Connor


Charles Curtin    John O'Connor


Edmond Walsh Daniel Murphy


Thomas P. O'Connor, Knocknagoshel      Denis Greaney, Meenleitrim


Tim Kirby, Knocknagoshel            Patrick O'Sullivan, Ballinahoun


D.D. Curtin, Meenleitrim              Redmond Roche, Lackbruder


James Murphy, Knockachur        Eulick Burke, Knockbrack


Mary Doniellan?               David Walsh


Timothy Connell               Nicholas N. Cotter


Laurence Walsh                Simon Keane


Norah L. Leane, Kockeencreen John Leane, Knockeencreen


John J. Greany, Meenleitrim       Dan Cotter, Meen


.ama? Cotter, Knockbrack?          Ellie Doody, Knockbrack


John Griffin        David O'Sullivan, Knocknagoshel


Thomas Walsh, Meenbanivane William Riordan, Kilmanihan


Timothy O'Connor, Beheenagh?               John Enright, Nat'l. Teacher


Patrick O'Connor, Knocknagoshel             John Casey, Meenleitrim


William Cahill, Knocknagoshel     Michael Scanlan, Ballyduff


John Griffin, Ballyduff    James O'Connor, Knocknagoshel


Patrick Sullivan, Knocknagoshel                 James Morrissey, Gortroe


Batt O'Connor, Gortroe                 Daniel Sullivan, Knightsmountain


Batt P. Murphy, Meen   Patrick O'Connor, Gortroe


Timothy Moynihan, Ballyduff     Kerry Keane, Knocknagoshel


Michael O'Connor, Meenganeare            Charles Curtin, Knightsmountain


Charles Hartnett, Knocknagoshel              Dan Carmody, Knocknagoshel


Michael J. Keane, Scart Timothy O'Connor, Meenleitrim


James Walsh, Ahane      Cornelius Murphy


Jerry O'Connor, Menrare?           Johanna Nolan


Maggie Reidy, Meenleitrim         Hanna Hickey, Meenleitrim


Lawrence O'Connor, Gortroe     Dan D. Nolan, Toureenard


Joseph O'Connor, Knocknagoshel            Thomas J. O'Connor, Knocknagoshel


Joseph Murphy, Knocknagoshel               John O'Connor, N.T. Knocknagoshel


Charles Donoghue, Knocknagoshel          Patrick O'Connor, Knocknagoshel


Tim Murphy, Knocknagoshel      Thomas W. Roche, Kilmanihan


Michael Sullivan, Knocknagoshel               John Riordan, Meen


Michael Walsh, Clashnagough    Laurence Murphy, Knocknagoshel


Mrs. Denis Curtin, Meenleitrim Mrs. David O'Connor, Knockbrack


Mrs. Geoffrey O'Donoghue, Knocknagoshel       Mary Curtin, Loughfooder


Mrs. Simon Carmody, Ballyduff Mrs. Patrick Nolan, Boula


John Nagle, Sgt., R.I.C., Knocknagoshel James Sullivan, Con., R.I.C., Knocknagoshel


John Keane, Ballyduff    Joseph O'Sullivan, Gortroe


John Fitzgerald, Knocknagoshel West     James Fitzgerald, Knocknagoshel


James Murphy, Knocknagoshel                 James F. Hickey, Ballinatin?


Timothy O'Sullivan, Ballinahoun                 Jeremiah Scanlon, Knockbrack